Yealink W60P Wireless IP Phone with Base Station

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The Yealink W60P is a high-performance SIP cordless phone system designed to enhance voice communications in various industries, including healthcare, light manufacturing, retail, and hospitality. This system supports up to 8 VoIP accounts and 8 concurrent calls, making it ideal for on-the-move employees in settings such as warehousing, catering, retail, and factories.

The W60P consists of the W60B DECT base and the W56H handset, offering top-tier audio clarity and impressive battery durability. The W60B base features upgraded hardware that enables support for up to eight handsets, eight SIP accounts, and eight concurrent voice calls, providing scalability for efficient voice collaboration. Furthermore, it supports advanced codecs like Opus and the AMR Codec, ensuring excellent reliability for your communication needs.

One standout feature of the W60P is its powerful battery solution, boasting 30 hours of talk time and 16 days of standby time. This means businesses can rely on uninterrupted communication, thanks to quick-charge technology and a robust battery.

In terms of design, the W60B DECT base is compact and aesthetically pleasing, fitting seamlessly into any office environment, whether placed on a desk or mounted on the wall. Its sleek appearance and integrated power cord slot ensure that it blends in effortlessly without adding clutter. Additionally, the system's dual system capability enhances reliability by automatically restarting failed software upgrades, further protecting your investment. Overall, the Yealink W60P offers a comprehensive and dependable DECT phone solution for on-the-go communication needs.

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