Yealink MP58-1301199-Certified For Microsoft Teams

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The Yealink MP58 smart business phone, operating on Android 9.0 OS, delivers a premium Teams experience tailored for executives and managers. Boasting a 7-inch touchscreen, this device ensures a vivid visual presentation. With features such as Yealink Optima HD voice, a dedicated Teams button, adjustable display, and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the MP58 enhances communication and collaboration efficiency. The inclusion of the innovative wireless Bluetooth handset BTH58 model adds flexibility and mobility, while the option to switch to Skype for Business edition firmware enhances flexibility further.

The MP58 prioritizes distraction-free communication with its professional HD audio, combining hardware and software to provide crystal-clear voice communications. Yealink Optima HD voice and Noise Proof Technology, along with a full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with AEC and HAC handset, ensure a high-quality communication experience.

Featuring a 7-inch adjustable multi-point screen and a Teams-tailored user interface, the MP58 offers rich functionality and a premium Teams experience. Fully compatible with Office 365, it creates a talented ecosystem for teams. The device's built-in Bluetooth, USB headset, optional Bluetooth wireless handset feature, and support for up to 3 EXP50 expansion modules contribute to unparalleled functionality and expansibility, making collaborations easier than ever.

For efficient provisioning and management, the Yealink MP58 integrates an auto-provisioning mechanism, simplifying phone deployment and configuration. Administrators benefit from centralized deployment, management, and updating. Additionally, the MP58 supports various device management platforms from Microsoft, Yealink, and Unify Square, ensuring comprehensive control and ease of use.

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