POLYCOM TRIO C60 SIP (2200-86240-025)

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The Poly Trio C60 serves as an intelligent conferencing solution designed to unite individuals in any meeting space. This versatile device offers connectivity options through Ethernet, WiFi, USB, and Bluetooth. Whether functioning as a standalone high-quality conference phone or as a controller for other endpoints like the Poly Studio X Family or G7500, the Trio C60 supports various leading open SIP and UC&C services, ensuring platform flexibility without the need for multiple endpoints.

Adaptability is a key feature, with the ability to accommodate different room sizes by daisy chaining up to three devices for larger spaces. The option for wired expansion microphones and DECT wireless expansion mics further enhances its adaptability.

Key features of the Poly Trio C60 include a 5-inch color touch display, a microphone pickup range of 6.1 meters (20 feet), a frequency response of 100Hz–22kHz, USB and Bluetooth connectivity (1x Type A USB, 1x Micro USB, Bluetooth 5.0), NoiseBlock AI, a two-port gigabit Ethernet switch, video conferencing, content sharing, and three MEMS microphones for 360-degree mic pickup. The device supports up to three lines, with the option for one Skype for Business line.

Other specifications include a built-in auto-sensing IEEE 802.3at PoE device (Class 4) with backward compatibility to IEEE 802.3af. The Poly Trio C60 can be expanded using optional Poly Trio C Series Expansion Microphones or by daisy chaining up to three units. The package includes a one-year warranty and comes with a conference phone, a 7.6m/25ft network cable CAT 5e, and a setup sheet. For more detailed information, refer to the Poly Trio C60 Datasheet.

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