POLYCOM TRIO 8500 SKYPE (2200-66700-019)

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Transform your mid-size conference rooms into hubs of efficient collaboration effortlessly by incorporating the Poly Trio 8500. This intelligent conference phone boasts an impressive spatial awareness, covering 4.2 meters or 14 feet, ensuring legendary voice quality and seamless idea exchange with its advanced NoiseBlock technology.

Initiating meetings is simplified with a single touch, while the addition of video conferencing and content sharing capabilities guarantees future-proof adaptability. With built-in USB and Bluetooth®, the Poly Trio 8500 supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.

Experience connectivity across various platforms, embrace a versatile modular architecture, benefit from Poly NoiseBlock for clear communication, and leverage compatibility with a range of feature-rich EagleEye cameras. In medium-sized rooms, Poly Trio 8500 opens up vast possibilities for productive collaboration.

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