POLYCOM TRIO 8500 SIP (2200-66700-025)

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Polycom Trio™ 8500 sets a new benchmark in conference collaboration tailored for small to mid-sized rooms within open SIP environments. Elevating the conventional conference call experience, the Trio 8500 streamlines the initiation process with a contemporary, user-friendly interface, eliminating the hassles of difficulty and time consumption. The device ensures punctual starts to calls, courtesy of its modern intuitive interface, providing a seamless experience. Boasting Polycom's renowned voice quality through Polycom® HD Voice™ technology, every spoken syllable resonates crystal clear.

The Polycom Trio 8500 stands out for its legendary voice quality, featuring advanced sound technologies like HD Voice and Polycom® Acoustic Clarity™. This includes industry-leading full duplex echo cancellation and noise reduction, with 14ft/4.3m of pickup ideal for midsize conference rooms. To maintain an uninterrupted exchange of ideas, Polycom integrates its patented NoiseBlock™ technology, automatically identifying non-speech noise and muting microphones accordingly. The microphones automatically unmute upon detecting speech, facilitating a seamless flow of business communication.

Featuring a sleek and sophisticated design, the Polycom Trio 8500 incorporates a 5-inch color touch screen and intuitive navigation for simplified use. This results in fewer errors, swift meeting starts, and minimal training requirements. The device is equipped with illuminated mute buttons on each leg for convenient meeting management. Additionally, it allows users to connect personal devices, wired or wirelessly, through USB or Bluetooth, enhancing sound quality for cloud conferencing services or personal contact list calls.

Polycom places a premium on broad interoperability, opting for open standards in an industry often marked by proprietary solutions. This commitment ensures a seamless calling experience regardless of your platform, providing extensive interoperability and a robust feature set. The Polycom Trio 8500 not only offers current options but also guarantees investment protection for future needs.

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