POLYCOM TRIO 8300 (2200-66800-025)

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The Poly RealPresence Trio 8300 VoIP/SIP Conference Phone effortlessly transforms compact conference spaces into intelligent collaboration hubs with a simple touch. Instantly initiate conference calls, immersing the room in high-quality audio while effectively blocking out distractions through Poly NoiseBlock technology.

This device ensures optimal voice coverage, guaranteeing every participant is heard clearly. Offering a versatile connectivity experience, it combines WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, and IP connectivity in one, simplifying the meeting launch process with its user-friendly interface.

It provides future-proof adaptability, allowing easy integration of video conferencing and content sharing accessories (available separately, refer to the accessories tab). By consolidating numerous features into one intelligent device, this solution enables teams to maximize productivity in limited spaces and enhances overall engagement during meetings.

Key Features:

Mobile device audio connectivity
WiFi audio calling across 2.4-5 GHz frequency bands
Poly NoiseBlock technology for effective background noise elimination
Flexible and future-proof modular architecture
Impressive range of up to 3.7 meters or 12 feet
Quick meeting initiation with one-touch-join functionality
Simultaneous connectivity to on-premises and cloud platforms, ideal for hybrid environments

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