Polycom VVX x50 Power Supply for VVX 150, , 350, 450 (2200-48872-001)

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The Polycom VVX X50 Power Supply is an essential accessory for users of Polycom VVX 150, VVX 250, VVX 350, or VVX 450 IP phones who encounter situations where Power over Ethernet (PoE) is unavailable on their network. This power supply unit delivers a reliable 5 volts and 3 amps of power, ensuring that your compatible Polycom IP phone remains fully operational even in non-PoE environments.

It's important to note that this power supply is specifically designed for the mentioned VVX models and is not compatible with Legacy Polycom VVX and Soundpoint Phones. This means that if you have older Polycom models, you will need to explore alternative power solutions. However, for users of the VVX 150, VVX 250, VVX 350, or VVX 450 IP phones, the Polycom VVX X50 Power Supply provides a convenient and effective way to ensure uninterrupted communication.

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