Polycom VVX D230 Cordless Phone Bundle - Replaces D60 - D230 DECT IP

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Polycom VVX D230 Cordless Phone Bundle ( Replaces D60 ) - D230 DECT IP 2200-49230-001

The Polycom VVX D230 DECT Wireless IP Phone Bundle is a cutting-edge wireless phone and base station designed to seamlessly integrate with the VVX series. This innovative unit serves as a successor to the Polycom D60, offering enhanced features and functionality. The Polycom VVX D230 Wireless Handset is tailored to complement the Polycom VVX series of Business Media Phones, providing the flexibility of a cordless solution as an easy-to-add accessory.

Perfect for small businesses, retail environments, or administrative personnel requiring mobility in their collaboration efforts, this wireless handset boasts the same SIP features as its desk phone counterparts. The VVX D230 Wireless Handset can be effortlessly paired with any VVX Business Media Phone model deployed across various Open SIP environments.

The pairing process is versatile, allowing for automatic connection through direct linking (base station to VVX), detection on the local LAN, or manual configuration using the MAC address or IP address. This solution caters to the dynamic needs of businesses seeking an efficient and flexible communication system.

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