Poly VVX 501 12-Line Gigabit IP Phone (2200-48500-025)

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Poly VVX 501 Highlights:

  1. LCD Touchscreen.
  2. Acoustic Clarity Technology.
  3. Support Video with the Poly VVX Camera.
  4. Improves knowledge worker productivity.
  5. Reduces training time through superior calling features in a sleek design and simple-to-use phone.
  6. Cuts telephony administration and maintenance costs.
  7. Leverages previous IT infrastructure investments.
  8. Easy to deploy, administer, upgrade and maintain.

The Poly, formerly Polycom VVX 501 is an advanced 12-line Gigabit IP Phone designed to cater to the communication demands of executives and managers. This phone model seamlessly blends a visually appealing ergonomic design with cutting-edge wideband audio (HD Voice) technology to ensure impeccable voice clarity. Boasting Gigabit connectivity, a vivid 3.5-inch color touchscreen LCD display, and the capacity to accommodate up to 12 SIP accounts, the Polycom VVX 501 leverages your IP network to provide sophisticated voice communication that excels in audio performance and security features.

Succeeding its predecessor, the VVX 501 takes the place of the VVX 500 and inherits its elegant aesthetics while significantly enhancing user experience through a more rapid and responsive interface, as well as improved memory capabilities. Catering to elite productivity, the Polycom 501 IP phone guarantees exceptional audio quality with Polycom HD Voice.

Its user-friendly 3.5" touchscreen display offers an intuitive interface, highly customizable to individual preferences. During conferences, Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology ensures clear and distinct voices. Notably, the VVX 501 supports video functionality, and when paired with the optional VVX Camera, enables video transmission from the deskphone. The phone not only inherits all the premium features of the VVX 500, but also incorporates an improved processor and upgraded memory, resulting in enhanced overall performance and future-proofing as Polycom continues to advance their product line.

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