Polycom VVX 500 12-Line Gigabit IP Phone (2200-44500-025)

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The Polycom VVX 500 stands as a high-performance Gigabit IP Phone tailored to address the communication demands of executives and managers. Its innovative design merges seamlessly with cutting-edge features such as wideband audio (HD Voice), ensuring pristine voice communications. With Gigabit connectivity, a 3.5-inch color touchscreen LCD display, and the capacity to support up to 12 SIP accounts, the Polycom VVX 500 emerges as a versatile solution. Operating through your IP network, this phone delivers sophisticated voice communication, with exceptional audio quality and fortified security features.

Functioning as a top-tier business media phone, the Polycom VVX 500 is a reliable choice for enhancing work efficiency. This phone has an array of voice capabilities and applications that greatly simplify daily tasks, making it an ideal fit for proficient professionals in various office setups. By providing a heightened unified communication experience, the VVX 500 enhances collaboration and productivity.

It features a gesture-based, multitouch-capable, capacitive touchscreen that significantly streamlines business operations. Its 3.5" TFT LCD color display boasts a 320 x 240 resolution and a 4:3 aspect ratio, optimizing visibility for caller ID and other functions. Through its WebKit-based browser and compatibility with Microsoft Exchange Calendars, users gain access to meeting reminders, corporate directories, messaging services, and even built-in web applications, all conveniently accessible from the phone's display.

Adding to its versatility, the Polycom VVX 500 incorporates the My Info Portal feature, offering direct access to stocks, news, sports, weather, and other content directly on the vivid color display. For added convenience, users can control the VVX 500 using their PC's mouse and keyboard, further streamlining workflows. The phone seamlessly integrates into existing IT infrastructure, supporting open standards interoperability and reducing the need for network reconfiguration.

The Polycom VVX 500 is not just an office phone; it's a potent and expandable tool that keeps pace with multitasking and dynamic scheduling. Embracing the intuitive behavior seen in mobile phones, its multi-touch, gesture-based user interface ensures effortless navigation, making the Polycom VVX 500 a standout choice for modern communication needs.

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