Polycom VVX 401 12-Line IP Phone (2200-48400-025)

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The Polycom VVX 401 is a 12-line IP Phone meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of individuals dealing with moderate call volumes, including knowledge workers, remote staff, managers, and executives spanning various industries and business scales. Boasting a vibrant backlit color LCD display, a top-notch full duplex speakerphone, and the pristine clarity of HD Voice technology, this device seamlessly supports up to 12 lines, ensuring efficient communication.

The Polycom VVX 401 stands out as a cost-effective and robust IP solution, poised to elevate productivity within both compact and expansive office settings. An evolutionary leap from its predecessor, the VVX 400, the VVX 401 inherits the same sophisticated aesthetic while ushering in a swifter and more responsive interface, along with enhanced memory capacity that fosters heightened interoperability and collaboration.

The inclusion of a versatile USB port empowers users to effortlessly integrate USB headsets or memory drives for convenient call recording. Users can anticipate an amplified processing prowess and expanded memory capabilities, ensuring seamless communication and efficient task handling.

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