Polycom VVX 400 12-Line IP Phone (2200-46157-025)

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The Polycom VVX 400 stands out as a 12-line IP Phone engineered to cater to individuals dealing with moderate call volumes, including knowledge workers, remote employees, managers, and executives across various industries and businesses of all scales. It boasts a vibrant backlit color LCD display, a full duplex speakerphone, and the remarkable HD Voice feature, accommodating up to 12 lines. Functioning as a cost-effective and potent IP solution, the Polycom VVX 400 proves its capability in enhancing productivity within both small-scale and large-scale office setups.

Designed to meet the needs of contemporary office workers and call attendants, the 12-line mid-range Business Media Phones prioritize the delivery of exceptionally clear communication. Equipping call attendants with an efficient and budget-friendly Unified Communications (UC) solution, these phones adeptly manage moderate call volumes while offering advanced telephony features synonymous with modern media phones.

Unmatched voice clarity through Polycom HD Voice ensures more effective and productive conversations, raising the overall quality of communication. Office staff and cubicle workers experience heightened productivity due to the user-friendly larger color display and easily accessible line appearances. The deployment and maintenance process is streamlined, as the Polycom Zero Touch Provisioning and web-based configuration tool simplify setup, administration, upgrades, and maintenance of the VVX 400.

Leveraging past investments in IT infrastructure becomes seamless, as the VVX 400 business media phones can be integrated into your existing network without necessitating upgrades to your call control platform. The device also seamlessly integrates with third-party Unified Communications (UC) and productivity applications, thanks to its extensive support for broad, standards-based, open APIs.

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