Polycom SoundStation2W Expansion Microphones (2200-07840-001)

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The Polycom SoundStation2W Expansion Microphones are designed to enhance the microphone pickup range of your SoundStation2W EX conference phone, making them a valuable addition to your conference setup. This set includes two microphones along with the necessary cables for easy installation. It's important to note that these microphones exclusively serve as extensions for your audio capture and are not intended for use as speakers.

To ensure compatibility, this kit is specifically designed for use with the 2W EX Model, which features two RJ9 Microphone jacks on the bottom of the unit. By incorporating these extension microphones into your Polycom SoundStation2W EX wireless conference phone, you can significantly expand your audio coverage, particularly in larger conference rooms. This means that all participants will enjoy superior sound quality, with up to 25 individuals being accommodated compared to the standard 15, making your conferences more efficient and productive.

Key features of these expansion microphones include the ability to extend the microphone range by up to 6 feet on either side of the base unit, allowing for greater flexibility in positioning, and compatibility exclusively with Soundstation 2W EX Models.

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