Polycom SoundStation2 Non-Display Non-Expandable Conference Phone (2200-15100-001)

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The Polycom SoundStation2 Non-Display Conference Phone is a sophisticated audio solution known for its superior voice quality. It features a user-friendly interface designed to enhance productivity, making it an excellent choice for both private offices and small-to-midsize conference rooms accommodating up to 10 participants.

As Polycom's next-generation conference phone, the SoundStation2 sets a new standard for high-quality voice conferencing in business settings. It boasts industry-leading full-duplex technology, enabling natural and simultaneous two-way conversations, making it an excellent fit for medium to small conference rooms. This conference phone matches the remarkable voice quality of the SoundStation Premier and offers a 50% increase in microphone sensitivity compared to the award-winning SoundStation, ensuring clear communication even from up to ten feet away.

The inclusion of Smart technology, such as Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), maximizes microphone sensitivity while minimizing distracting background noise. Additionally, the SoundStation2 provides 360-degree microphone coverage with intelligent mixing, ensuring that only the nearest microphone is active for crystal-clear conferencing. Elevate the quality and efficiency of your next conference call with the Polycom SoundStation2, an indispensable tool you'll be eager to discuss.

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