Polycom SoundPoint IP 321 2-Line VoIP Phone (2200-12360-025) - Certified Refurbished

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The Polycom SoundPoint IP 321 serves as a 2-line IP Phone tailored to meet the communication needs of everyday professionals who handle moderate phone traffic, such as those situated in cubicles or those starting out in sales roles. Equipped with a clear LCD display and a full duplex speakerphone, the IP 321 accommodates up to 2 lines for seamless connectivity. This cost-effective yet robust IP solution by Polycom proves particularly advantageous in both compact and expansive office setups, contributing to heightened productivity.

Highlighted by its top-notch audio performance, the Polycom boasts a comprehensive suite of features fit for enterprise-level use and ensures straightforward configuration and operation. Compatibility with prominent IP PBX and Softswitch platforms as well as its incorporation of SIP features further enhance its versatility.

Ideal for deployment in communal spaces like lobbies, hallways, and break rooms, the Polycom SoundPoint 321 makes its mark as a high-quality two-line SIP phone. The device's superior sound quality is augmented by the inclusion of a full duplex speakerphone functionality. As a step beyond basic telephony functions, the 321 model encompasses a broader range of capabilities, making it well-suited for various professional settings.

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