POLYCOM OBI300 VOICE ADAPTER (2200-49530-001)

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The Polycom OBi300 is a valuable addition to your service offerings, enriching the communication capabilities of home offices during their transition to the digital communications era. This device brings flexibility to voice, fax, and modem applications, empowering home offices to make the most of their current analog investments.

In the realm of voice and fax applications, the OBi300 supports the T.38 fax standard, ensuring reliable facsimile calls over the Internet. It enables home office users to maintain one analog phone or fax machine, seamlessly connecting them to VoIP services. Furthermore, this VoIP adapter stands out as the only one supporting an optional WiFi accessory, expanding phone placement locations. The USB Bluetooth accessory facilitates the pairing of a user's mobile phone with analog phones, enabling calls to be placed and answered with ease.

Deploying and supporting the OBi300 is a streamlined process, saving time and effort. Configuration can be achieved remotely without physical intervention, and the device can be provisioned to meet specific customer specifications. Updates are easily performed from any location with an internet connection. The Polycom OBiTALK device management portal enhances ongoing support, allowing for quick issue identification and remote troubleshooting.

By offering the OBi300, you can expand your service portfolio, providing home offices with flexible voice and fax applications. The device's unique features, such as optional WiFi support and Bluetooth connectivity, contribute to a seamless transition from analog to digital voice communications. Connect up to one analog phone or fax machine, and usher your customers into the future of digital communication.

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