Grandstream GXP2200EXT Expansion Module

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The Grandstream GXP2200EXT enhances the functionality, versatility, and flexibility of Grandstream's GXP2140, GXP2170, and GXV3240 IP Phones. This extension module boasts a generous 128 x 384 graphic LCD and 20 programmable buttons on each page (with a total of 40 programmable buttons across 2 pages). It's an excellent solution for receptionists and assistants who handle high call volumes.

You can have up to 20 programmable buttons per page on the GXP2200EXT module, and it supports a maximum of 160 buttons when using four daisy-chained modules. It's fully compatible with the GXP2140, GXP2170, and GXV3240 IP Phones and offers a local GUI with animation controlled by the host GXP2140 or GXP3240 phone. With multiple line/call appearances, it's suitable for both business and home office use.

The GXP2200EXT seamlessly extends the capabilities of Grandstream's GXP2140 and GXP2170 Enterprise IP Phones and the GXV3240 Video IP Phone for Android™. Its large graphic LCD and dual-color LED programmable buttons make it easy to manage up to 40 extensions per module using the 2-page switch keys, or even up to 160 buttons when you connect four extension modules in a chain. This extension module is powered and controlled by the host phone, providing instant access to additional extension keys.

The GXP2200EXT supports various call features, including BLF (busy lamp field), call park/pick-up, speed dial, presence, intercom, and conference/transfer/forward on each of its programmable buttons. It's an ideal solution for receptionists and businesses dealing with high call volumes. When using the GXP2200EXT, telephone attendants can maximize productivity by efficiently monitoring and handling multiple incoming calls.

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