Grandstream GBX20 Extension Module

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The Grandstream GBX20 Extension Module enhances the capabilities of Grandstream's GRP2615 and GRP2624 Carrier-Grade IP Phones, as well as the GXV3350 IP Video Phone. It comes equipped with a 4.3-inch 272x480 TFT color LCD display and offers support for up to 40 programmable buttons per module, which can be expanded to 160 contacts with the use of four daisy-chained modules.

This extension module extends its functionality by providing advanced call features like BLF (Busy Lamp Field), call park/pick-up, speed-dial, presence indicators, intercom functionality, voice conferencing, call transfer/forward, and more. It is particularly well-suited for businesses and receptionists who handle a high volume of incoming calls, as it facilitates efficient call monitoring and dispatching.

Additionally, the GBX20 can be powered by the host phone (GRP2615 or GXV3350) when used individually, but when two or more GBX20 modules are connected, they are powered by the included 12V/1A PSU (Power Supply Unit). Whether for business or home office use, the GBX20 is a valuable addition for those seeking enhanced phone functionality and improved productivity.

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