Yealink CPW90 Wireless Microphones

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Enhance your boardroom's conference calling capabilities by incorporating Yealink's CPW90 wireless expansion microphones, designed to extend the audio pickup range of the CP960 Android IP Conference Phone. This innovative solution ensures crystal-clear communication, even for participants situated at a distance from the conference phone.

Yealink's CPW90 utilizes DECT technology to wirelessly connect the cordless microphones to the DECT base/charging cradle, providing exceptional range for flexible microphone placement. Ideally suited for larger boardrooms, these cordless expansion microphones offer the freedom to be easily moved to the specific participant who requires them.

The incorporation of echo cancellation technology effectively eliminates background noise, guaranteeing interference-free and audible conference calls. With Yealink's CPW90 cordless expansion microphones, ensure that every corner of the boardroom is covered, allowing participants to be heard with utmost clarity.

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