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The Yealink CP965 is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of medium and large conference rooms, offering a flagship HD conference phone experience with robust voice conferencing features and intuitive control operations. Operating on the Android 9.0 system, this conference phone boasts a sophisticated and subdued design that seamlessly complements the serene atmosphere of conference rooms. Additionally, the phone features an acoustic fabric that repels accidental liquid spills, ensuring durability in various settings. The fingerprint-proof LCD screen with a user-friendly interface facilitates effortless meeting control for all participants.

Equipped with 13 built-in microphones, the CP965 delivers a crystal-clear and natural conference call experience. For added versatility, the device can be seamlessly connected to mobile devices such as PCs and smartphones through Bluetooth or USB, enabling a range of Unified Communications (UC) hybrid meeting modes. Furthermore, the CP965 supports a star-shaped connection with up to three additional CPs, allowing for synchronous sound pickup and playback. This configuration guarantees users an optimal audio experience during conferences.

The Yealink CP965 offers an intelligent voice conferencing solution, positioning itself as the indispensable office assistant for conference rooms. With its advanced features and seamless connectivity options, the CP965 provides a cutting-edge solution for modern conferencing needs.

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