CISCO 8832 IP Conference Phone (8897-28199-308)

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The Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 is designed to elevate collaboration by providing an intuitive and high-quality audio conferencing experience. Featuring advanced microphones and speakers, this conference phone stands out with its unparalleled sound clarity. The unique acoustic design incorporates a "studio-monitor" full-range speaker, delivering dynamic, detailed sound with minimal distortion and clear low-frequency tones, ensuring a lifelike audio experience during conferences.

This versatile solution caters to various room sizes and configurations. The base unit alone covers a 360-degree audio pickup range for a 20x20-foot room with up to 10 participants. By adding the optional wired extension microphone kit, coverage expands to a 20x34-foot room with 22 participants. The wireless extension microphone kit, utilizing Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, extends coverage to a 20x40-foot room accommodating 26 participants. For larger spaces, a daisy-chain configuration of two 8832 units, along with the wireless extension microphone kit, covers a 20x57-foot room with up to 42 participants. This makes it ideal for executive offices, conference rooms, and boardrooms.

The physical design of the 8832 unit is both sleek and functional. Key elements include a 3.9-inch color LCD, a textile cover for a soft touch and durability, a centrally located large mute button with an LED indicator for call status, and a raised edge for easy handling. The device's USB-C port minimizes cable clutter on the table, while an Ethernet injector is required for non-Wi-Fi deployments. The optional wired microphone kit enhances functionality with two microphones featuring anodized aluminum top housing.

Key features of the Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 include 360-degree room coverage, support for multiple calls per line, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signaling, and versatile codec support (G.711(u/A), G.729a, G.729ab, iLBC, G.722, OPUS). It is IPv6 compatible, employs SHA-256 for advanced security, supports Mobile and Remote Access (MRA), Wi-Fi, wired and wireless extension microphones, daisy-chain configurations, Client Matter Code (CAC), Forced Authorization Code (FAC) support, and is compatible with both IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) Class 3 consumption, offering flexibility for various deployment scenarios.

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