Cisco 8865 Key Expansion Module (CP-8800-V-KEM=)

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Product Description

Efficient call coverage is indispensable for administrative assistants and professionals responsible for overseeing and managing call statuses. This necessity extends beyond the capabilities of the Cisco IP Phone 8865 model, encompassing diverse lines and intricate monitoring requirements.

It is essential to note the distinction between the standard 8865 model and the 8865NR model, the latter being a non-radio version designed for military and similar environments. The 8865NR lacks Bluetooth and WiFi radios on its boards, making it suitable for situations where these functionalities are restricted.

The Cisco IP Phone 8865 Key Expansion Module enhances the capabilities of both the 8865 and 8865NR models. By incorporating 14 additional physical keys and a color LCD display, this module provides access to a total of 28 keys when utilizing page keys. Users can connect up to three 8865 Key Expansion Modules to the IP Phone 8865 and 8865NR, expanding their functionality significantly.

Equipped with a foot stand and all necessary hardware, the 8865 Key Expansion Module seamlessly attaches to the base device. Its prominent features include large LCD displays for easy button identification and adjustable brightness through the IP Phone 8865 and 8865NR settings menu.

The primary purpose of the 8865 Key Expansion Module is to offer extra keys for directory numbers, speed dial, or programmable features, enhancing the call-coverage capabilities of the IP Phone 8865 and 8865NR models. Illuminated keys configured as directory numbers or shared-line keys facilitate quick identification of line status. It's important to note that while the module shares similarities with traditional Direct Station Selection/Busy Lamp Field (DSS/BLF) modules, it serves a distinct role and is not designed to function as an operator or attendant console.

Conveniently, the two illuminated page buttons beneath the Cisco IP Phone 8865 Key Expansion Module display enable users to navigate between the first and second pages, granting access to all 28 keys. This comprehensive functionality makes the 8865 Key Expansion Module an ideal tool for effective call coverage in diverse professional settings.

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