Cisco 8865 Gigabit IP Video Phone (CP-8865-3PCC-K9=)

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The Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series boasts a range of features designed to provide seamless and secure voice communications. With a user-friendly interface that includes 5-line soft keys, 5 options soft keys, and five-way navigation support, this series offers enhanced convenience. The color display, with an impressive resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and support for 720p HD video, ensures a vibrant and high-quality visual experience. Additionally, the phone includes four soft keys for screen-based applications, a dual-position footstand for adjustable positioning, and protocol support for SIP.

Moreover, the 8800 Series is equipped with Gigabit ports, Bluetooth 3.0 capability, and a power port compatible with PWR-CUBE-4. Cisco Intelligent Proximity seamlessly integrates telephony features with personal mobile devices, providing an innovative and cohesive communication experience. This series offers flexibility with options such as support for Wi-Fi networks and third-party call control.

Designed to cater to diverse needs, the 8800 Phone Series comprises five models suitable for various roles within an organization. From supporting knowledge workers and administrative staff to meeting the needs of managers and executives, this series accommodates a wide range of users. It is particularly well-suited for mid-sized businesses to large enterprises, offering audio conferencing capabilities for conference rooms. In summary, the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series delivers a comprehensive and adaptable solution for effective communication across different organizational settings.

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