Cisco 8832 Wired Microphone Kit (CP-8832-MIC-WIRED=)

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Product Description

The Cisco 8832 Wired Microphone Kit is designed to expand the coverage capabilities of the Cisco 8832 IP Conference Phone. This extension allows the conference phone to operate effectively in larger spaces, specifically increasing the operational range from 20x20 Feet (enough for 10 participants) to 20x34 Feet (capable of accommodating up to 22 participants).

The Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 stands out as a tool for fostering collaboration centered around individuals, thanks to its user-friendly audio conferencing features that deliver exceptional voice quality and remarkable clarity. The incorporation of newly engineered microphones and loudspeakers sets a new standard for audio excellence among conference phones available today. With a distinctive acoustic design that employs a "studio-monitor" full-range speaker, this architecture ensures vibrant and detailed sound, minimizing distortion while maximizing clarity across low frequencies. These attributes collectively create an immersive conferencing experience, replicating the clarity and naturalness of in-person communication.

Addressing the varying needs of different meeting spaces, the Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 offers a versatile and uncomplicated solution. The base unit alone can provide comprehensive 360-degree coverage for a room measuring 20x20 feet, accommodating up to 10 participants. With the inclusion of the optional wired extension microphone kit, the coverage expands to accommodate a 20x34-foot room and up to 22 participants. For even larger spaces, the optional wireless extension microphone kit, utilizing Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, extends coverage to a 20x40-foot room and supports up to 26 participants. In scenarios necessitating extensive coverage, connecting two 8832 units in a daisy-chain arrangement along with the optional wireless extension microphone kit enables coverage for a room as spacious as 20x57 feet, accommodating up to 42 participants. This adaptability makes the Cisco 8832 suitable for diverse settings including executive offices, conference rooms, and boardrooms.

Complementing its capabilities, the 8832 unit boasts an elegantly sleek form achieved through the use of inviting materials, contributing to a modern and distinctive appearance.

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