Cisco 8832 Ethernet Injector (CP-8832-INJ=)

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The Cisco 8832 Ethernet Injector serves as a vital component for powering the Cisco 8832 conference unit within Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) network setups. In PoE environments, it facilitates both data connection and power transmission to the Cisco 8832 IP Conference phone via a USB-C connection (RJ-45 to USB-C). This injector must be connected to a PoE Network Switch to effectively deliver both power and data.

The versatility of the Cisco 8832 Ethernet Injector extends to Non-PoE environments as well. In such cases, it can still power the Cisco 8832 conference unit when used in conjunction with the optional 8832 Power Supply. This setup involves the injector being plugged into the Cisco 8832 Conference Unit and the network port, enabling seamless operation.

Depending on the network deployment, the Ethernet Injector offers flexibility. In a PoE environment, it directly connects to the Cisco 8832 Conference Unit and the network port. In a Non-PoE setting, it requires the assistance of the optional 8832 Power Supply to transmit power while remaining connected to the Cisco 8832 Conference Unit and the network port.

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