Cisco 8831 Wireless Microphone Kit (CP-8831-MIC-WLS=)

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The Cisco 8831 Wireless Microphone Kit serves as an invaluable addition to the Cisco 8831 IP Conference Phone, significantly extending its operational range by an impressive 300 feet. The Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 stands out for its emphasis on enhancing communication experiences centered around individuals. It boasts remarkable high-definition (HD) audio performance and complete 360-degree coverage, rendering it suitable for conference rooms and executive offices of varying sizes. The device ensures a top-notch sound encounter through its full-duplex two-way wideband (G.722) audio hands-free speaker, creating an audiophile-grade auditory experience.

Remarkably versatile, the IP Conference Phone 8831 offers a straightforward and scalable solution that adeptly addresses the requirements of diverse spaces. Its deployment options are highly adaptable, with expansion capabilities facilitated through optional extension microphones that can be either wired or wireless (using Digital Equipment Cordless Telephone [DECT] technology). The configuration supports a daisy-chain setup involving two units, effectively extending coverage and audio reach.

Designed with both functionality and user comfort in mind, the IP Conference Phone 8831 boasts an industrial design with enhanced ergonomics. This user-centric approach is exemplified by the detached control panel, which allows for effortless display viewing without the need to reposition the entire unit. The device's mute status is easily viewable from all angles, ensuring seamless and hassle-free interaction.

Compatibility is a highlight of the IP Conference Phone 8831, as it is fully supported by Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Business Edition systems. This compatibility translates into a heightened level of productivity, while also ensuring that communication remains secure and acoustically pleasing. The device effectively bridges geographical gaps, providing an enriching and cohesive communication experience for participants across different locations.

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