Cisco 7937G External Microphones (CP-7937-MIC-KIT=) Certified Refurbished

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The functionality of the Cisco 7937 IP Conference Phone is significantly enhanced with the Cisco 7937 Microphone Kit, which effectively broadens its operational scope. By incorporating this microphone kit, the conference phone's reach extends to cover room dimensions of up to 30x40 feet, ensuring a more comprehensive and effective communication environment.

Incorporating the Cisco 7937G External Microphones into your setup yields a substantial expansion in microphone coverage for the Cisco 7937G IP Conference Phone. These external microphones play a pivotal role in extending microphone coverage, particularly in scenarios involving elongated conference tables or larger conference rooms where conventional coverage might be insufficient.

Each package of the Cisco 7937G External Microphones includes a pair, perfectly tailored for use with the Cisco 7937G Conference Unit. By employing these expansion microphones, the conference unit's operational capacity is significantly augmented, accommodating a greater number of participants during crucial conference calls. This innovation effectively widens the area in which the conference unit can cater to participants, promoting seamless and productive communication during conferences.

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