Cisco 7935 IP Conference Phone (CP-7935=) Refurbished

Condition: Certified Refurbished
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The Cisco 7935 IP Conference Phone offers a straightforward yet advanced audio solution with exceptional voice quality. Equipped with a digitally tuned speaker and three microphones, this conference phone ensures superior sound quality, enabling participants to move freely during conferences. It is specifically designed for small to medium-sized conference rooms accommodating up to 10 participants or private offices.

Designed for seamless integration with Cisco Call Manager systems, the Cisco 7935 connects directly to your IP network, making it a convenient tabletop conferencing solution suitable for various meeting spaces, ranging from small to mid-size and even larger conference rooms. The phone's crystal-clear sound quality ensures clear communication, while the 360-degree microphone pickup ensures that every participant's voice is captured effectively. The informative display provides essential call information, and users can access the extensive features offered by Cisco Call Manager, enhancing the overall conferencing experience.

With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, the Cisco 7935 IP Conference Phone proves to be a reliable and efficient choice for organizations seeking to improve their audio conferencing capabilities and enhance communication among team members and partners. Its combination of simplicity and sophistication makes it a valuable asset for businesses of varying sizes, facilitating smooth and productive collaboration during meetings and conferences.

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