Avaya JBM24 Button Module for J169/J179 (700513570)

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The Avaya JBM24 Button Module is a valuable accessory designed to enhance the functionality of your Avaya J169 or J179 IP telephone. This module serves to extend the number of call appearances and feature buttons on your phone, providing you with 24 additional lines that can be utilized for various purposes. These extra lines can be used for incoming and outgoing calls, speed-dialing frequently contacted numbers, and accessing essential calling features.

The flexibility of the Avaya JBM24 Button Module is evident as it allows for the connection of up to three modules per phone, effectively tripling the available lines and buttons. This means that users who require a high volume of calls and features at their fingertips can greatly benefit from this expansion capability.

In combination with the Avaya J169 and J179 IP Phones, the Button Module becomes even more powerful, providing an efficient and comprehensive solution for managing communication needs in a professional setting. Whether you are handling a large volume of calls or require quick access to essential features, the Avaya JBM24 Button Module proves to be a practical and efficient addition to your IP telephone system.

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