Avaya J139 Gigabit IP Phone (700513916)

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The Avaya J139 IP Phone is a valuable entry-level device specifically designed to cater to the communication needs of various enterprises. It offers a cost-effective solution while delivering excellent audio performance and enhanced security features. This phone is particularly well-suited for basic users within large enterprises or small and medium-sized companies, such as cubicle workers or entry-level sales representatives.

The focus of the Avaya J139 IP Phone is on providing secure and reliable voice communication for users who only require the most frequently used features. It is an ideal choice for business workers who handle light-to-medium phone calls on a daily basis, as it offers a minimal feature set that meets their needs without unnecessary complexities.

The Avaya J139 IP Phone is perfect for end-users who prioritize certain functionalities. It includes Gigabit Ethernet, basic headset support, and a color display, making it highly practical for those who don't need Wireless LAN connectivity, CC Elite (Call Center Elite) integration, Bluetooth headset support, or additional button modules.

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