Avaya J100-1600 Series 5V Power Supply (700451230, 700512377)

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The Avaya 1600 Series 5V Power Supply provides power to Avaya 1600 Series IP telephones in Non-PoE network environments such as home or remote offices. It can also be used to supply power when adding more than two Avaya JEM24s to Avaya J169 or J179 IP phones.

Uninterrupted Power for Seamless Communication Introducing the Avaya J100-1600 Series 5V Power Supply, your solution for uninterrupted power to fuel seamless communication. This reliable 5V power supply is designed specifically for the Avaya J100-1600 Series, ensuring optimal performance. Dependable Power for Avaya J100-1600 Series The Avaya J100-1600 Series 5V Power Supply provides dependable power to your Avaya J100-1600 Series devices, keeping your communication system running smoothly. Safeguard Your Communication Investment Invest in the Avaya J100-1600 Series 5V Power Supply to safeguard your communication investment. Trust in its quality construction and compatibility with your Avaya devices. Efficient and Reliable Performance Rely on the Avaya J100-1600 Series 5V Power Supply for efficient and reliable performance. Experience minimal downtime and maximize your team's productivity. Simple Installation and Integration Integrating the Avaya J100-1600 Series 5V Power Supply is straightforward. With its user-friendly design, you can quickly set up and enjoy uninterrupted power for your communication devices.


  • Avaya 1603, 1603SW, 1603SW-I, 1608, 1608-I, 1616, and 1616-I IP phones
  • Avaya JEM24 expansion module

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