Avaya IP500 Wall Mounting Kit V3 (700503160)

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The Avaya IP500 Wall Mounting Kit V3 is an essential piece of equipment for securely affixing your IP500 control unit or an IP500 external expansion module to a wall. This kit contains all the necessary hardware to ensure a stable and secure installation onto an appropriate wall fixture. Not limited to walls, the kit is also fully equipped to mount your IP500 V2 control unit onto a flat plywood surface, providing flexibility in installation locations.

This IP500V2 Controller Wall Mount Kit V3 is explicitly designed to accommodate your IP500V2 controller. In addition, it also provides the capacity to wall mount an additional external expansion module, enhancing your system's functionality and adaptability according to your specific needs.

However, it's important to note that there is a limitation to a maximum of two wall mounts per system to maintain optimum performance and stability. The Avaya IP500 Wall Mounting Kit V3 replaces the previous item #700500923. This updated kit reflects improvements in design and usability, making it an essential investment for users of the IP500 control unit or its associated expansion modules.

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