Avaya IP500 Universal PRI 1 Trunk Module (700417439)

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The Avaya IP500 PRI 1 Trunk Module provides a single PRI/T1 trunk port for your Avaya IP Office system. This module must be fitted to an IP500 base card (see compatibility list below).

High-Performance PRI Connectivity Introducing the Avaya IP500 Universal PRI 1 Trunk Module, your key to high-performance PRI connectivity. This advanced module empowers your business with a Universal Primary Rate Interface (PRI) connection, ensuring seamless communication with the outside world. Efficient Communication with PRI The Avaya IP500 Universal PRI 1 Trunk Module provides efficient communication with PRI, enabling your business to handle multiple voice and data channels simultaneously. Experience enhanced call quality and faster data transfer for your critical business operations. Enhance Call Routing and Flexibility Empower your business with enhanced call routing and flexibility using the Avaya IP500 Universal PRI 1 Trunk Module. Route calls efficiently, manage call volumes effectively, and ensure seamless communication across your organization. Seamless Integration, Hassle-Free Setup Integrating the Avaya IP500 Universal PRI 1 Trunk Module is seamless. With its user-friendly design, you can quickly set up and enjoy the benefits of high-performance PRI connectivity without disruptions to your business operations.


  • Avaya IP Office Release 4.1 and higher
  • Maximum 4 per Control Unit


The Avaya IP500 Universal PRI 1 Trunk Card must be fitted to one of the following IP500 Base Card’s:

  • Avaya IP500 Digital Station 8
  • Avaya IP500 Phone 2
  • Avaya IP500 Phone 8
  • Avaya IP500 ETR6
  • Avaya IP500 TCM8
  • Avaya IP500 VCM32 V1/V2
  • Avaya IP500 VCM 64 V1/V2

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