Avaya IP500 TCM 8 Base Card (700500758)

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Seamless Trunk Connectivity Introducing the Avaya IP500 TCM 8 Base Card, your gateway to a world of seamless trunk connectivity. Embrace the power of eight versatile trunk connections, empowering your business with efficient and reliable communication. Optimize Communication Flexibility The Avaya IP500 TCM 8 Base Card optimizes communication flexibility, allowing your business to connect with various trunk types effortlessly. Whether it's analog trunks, digital trunks, or SIP trunks, this base card ensures a smooth and reliable connection. Connect with Ease With the Avaya IP500 TCM 8 Base Card, connecting with your clients, partners, and suppliers becomes effortless. Expand your trunk capabilities to handle incoming and outgoing calls with ease, ensuring your team can communicate efficiently. Effortless Integration for Enhanced Efficiency Integrating the Avaya IP500 TCM 8 Base Card into your existing system is seamless. The user-friendly design guarantees a smooth setup process, eliminating disruptions to your business operations. Enhance Communication Performance Maximize your communication performance with the Avaya IP500 TCM 8 Base Card. Benefit from advanced call handling, conferencing, and voicemail features, ensuring your business stays productive and responsive.


  • Compatible with IP500 V2 control unit running IP Office 7.0 or higher; not compatible with IP500 V1 control unit
  • TCM DS ports are compatible with Nortel M7000 and T7000 series digital phones, Nortel Digital Mobility Solution, Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit, and Nortel T7406/T7406E cordless phones
  • Optional IP500 trunk interface cards - IP500 Analog Trunk 4, IP500 Universal PRI 1, IP500 Universal PRI 2
  • Maximum – 4 TCM 8 Base cards per IP500 V2 control unit

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