Avaya IP500 Phone 30

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The Avaya IP500 Phone 30 Expansion Module is a significant accessory designed to enhance your Avaya IP Office system. This module expands the functionality of your system by providing an additional 30 Plain Ordinary Telephone Service (POTS) ports. These ports can be utilized with analog telephones, thereby increasing the overall capacity of your communication system.

Moreover, these ports aren't just confined to analog phones; they can also be used with fax machines or paging units, offering flexibility in communication options. This expansion module, therefore, caters to various telecommunication needs, making it a versatile addition to any IP Office system.

The Avaya IP500 Phone 30 boasts the same functionality as the IP400 V2. This means that if you're upgrading from an IP400 V2, you won't lose any features or capabilities; rather, you'll gain the advantage of additional POT ports.

What sets the IP500 Phone 30 apart is its exterior design, which matches perfectly with the IP500 control unit. This coherent design gives a uniform look to your system setup, maintaining aesthetics while delivering high functionality.

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