Avaya IP500 Phone 16 (700449507)

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The Avaya IP500 Phone 16 Expansion Module is a vital enhancement for your Avaya IP Office system, providing an additional 16 Plain Ordinary Telephone (POT) ports. These ports function as analog station ports, making the module suitable for use with various devices such as analog telephones, fax machines, or paging units. This expansion not only augments your system's capabilities but also ensures its compatibility with a broad spectrum of communication devices.

The design of the Avaya IP500 Phone 16 is user-centric, providing 16 additional analog station ports to expand the IP Office system. These ports add significant versatility, enabling the system to cater to various communication needs in an office setup. One notable aspect of the IP500 Phone 16 is that it provides extra Plain Ordinary Telephone (POT) ports to the IP500 Control Unit. This feature significantly enhances the system's adaptability, making it compatible with a wider range of communication devices.

The Avaya IP500 Phone 16 is also explicitly designed for analog phones, integrating a two-wire feature that ensures efficient communication. The module is compatible with Caller ID, enhancing the communication experience by providing information about incoming calls. The IP500 Phone 16 carries forward the functionality of its predecessor, the IP400 V2, and comes equipped with 16 Plain Ordinary Telephone ports for use with analog telephones, thereby ensuring a smooth transition and integration into the Avaya IP Office system.

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