Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30B (700501586)

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The Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30B Expansion Module is a robust addition to your Avaya IP Office system. This module is designed to add 30 digital station ports, significantly enhancing the functionality and connectivity of your system. It brings versatility with its support for both Avaya (DS) and Nortel (TCM) ports. Avaya 1400, 2400, 5400, and 9500 series phones can connect through the DS ports while Nortel M7000 and T7000 series phones can connect via the TCM ports.

Compatible with IP Office 9.0 or higher, these digital station ports can function as either DS or TCM ports, granting increased flexibility for your communication needs. It is crucial to note that DS or TCM phones cannot be mixed on the same module, thus preserving the stability and integrity of the system's communication flow.

The Avaya IP500 DS30B Module (700501586) is intended to integrate seamlessly with your Avaya IP Office system. It can be connected to your IP Office 500 V2 control unit, which is the central point of the entire system. To accommodate different workspace requirements, the module can be either wall-mounted or rack-mounted near the control unit.

The modular design of the IP Office system allows for the addition of multiple modules, each supporting either DS or TCM ports. This scalability ensures that as your business grows and demands increase, your communication system can be expanded to meet these needs. The Avaya IP500 Digital Station 30B Expansion Module offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to optimize their digital communication infrastructure.

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