Avaya BM32 Button Expansion Module for 1616/1616-I (700415573)

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The Avaya BM32 Button Module is a powerful extension designed to enhance the capabilities of your Avaya 1616/1616-I telephone. With the BM32, you can significantly expand the number of call appearances and feature buttons available at your fingertips, granting you more control and efficiency in handling incoming and outgoing calls, as well as utilizing various calling and system features.

This feature-rich module boasts 32 additional buttons, dedicated to handling a variety of call-related tasks and system features. Whether it's managing incoming calls with ease, initiating outgoing calls smoothly, or efficiently accessing and utilizing important calling features, the Avaya BM32 has got you covered.

Its versatility and functionality make it an ideal choice for various professional roles, including receptionists, secretaries, managers, and call center agents. Particularly for those who deal with a high volume of incoming and outgoing calls on a regular basis, the BM32 can significantly streamline workflows and boost overall productivity.

Enhance your communication experience and take control of your calls with the Avaya BM32 Button Module. Experience the ease and efficiency it offers, allowing you to focus more on your tasks and less on navigating through call-related processes. Elevate your telecommunication capabilities today with this indispensable addition to your Avaya phone system.

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