Avaya B169 Wireless Conference Phone (700508893)

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The Avaya B169 Wireless Conference Phone is an advanced audio solution that offers superior voice quality and convenience for conference calling. With its user-friendly interface and wireless DECT technology, it brings a new level of freedom and productivity to the workplace.

The DECT wireless technology integrated into the Avaya B169 allows it to be placed anywhere in the office without compromising audio quality. This feature ensures that users can have a reliable and clear communication experience during conference calls, regardless of their location.

One of the key benefits of the Avaya B169 is its portability. Users can easily carry the conference phone anywhere in the office where there is wireless access. This eliminates the need for nearby phone jacks or power outlets, providing a hassle-free setup process. The convenience of wireless freedom allows for more flexible meeting arrangements and ensures that conference calls can take place in any suitable space within the office environment.

Additionally, the Avaya B169 Conference Phone offers a wealth of features that enhance the overall conference calling experience. It is designed to be simple yet sophisticated, enabling efficient and effective communication during meetings.

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