Avaya B100 Expansion Microphones - 1 Pair (700501539)

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The Avaya B100 Expansion Microphones are a valuable addition to the Avaya B100 series conference phone, significantly increasing its coverage range. With a remarkable expansion from 30 square meters (320 sq ft) to up to 70 square meters (750 sq. feet), these microphones extend the conference phone's capabilities to accommodate larger conference rooms or gatherings.

Designed to work seamlessly with Avaya's B100 series conference phones, both analog and IP models, these expansion microphones ensure compatibility and easy integration. Once connected to the conference phone, they effectively broaden the coverage area, allowing more participants to engage in the discussion without compromising sound quality.

The primary function of the Avaya B100 Expansion Microphones is to enhance the microphone coverage in larger meeting spaces, facilitating the participation of more individuals during conference calls. This expanded range fosters better communication and collaboration, especially in settings where a diverse group of participants is involved. Additionally, the surrounding sound quality is greatly improved, ensuring that everyone's contributions are clearly heard.

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