Avaya 9650C IP Telephone (700461213)

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The Avaya 9650C is a feature-rich, multi-line IP phone designed specifically for essential users who handle heavy call volumes. It caters to individuals such as managers, executives, secretaries, and senior sales representatives, who rely heavily on phone communication throughout their workday. The phone boasts several convenient features to enhance productivity, including a large color display, wideband audio for crystal-clear conversations, a 2-way speakerphone for hands-free communication, and 16 programmable buttons for quick access to frequently used functions.

One of the key highlights of the Avaya 9650C is its user-friendly interface, which is thoughtfully designed to optimize efficiency and streamline communication tasks. With a high-resolution display and advanced communication capabilities, users can easily manage their calls and access various phone applications to improve their overall productivity.

The Avaya 9650C is an excellent choice for those who heavily rely on real-time voice communication. Its wideband audio ensures clear and natural sound quality, making conversations more engaging and productive. The phone's advanced applications and programmable buttons allow users to customize their experience, tailoring the device to meet their specific needs and preferences.

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