Avaya 9640G Gigabit IP Telephone (700419195)

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The Avaya 9640G is a feature-rich and high-performance IP phone designed to meet the needs of essential users who handle heavy call volumes. Whether it's managers, executives, secretaries, or senior sales representatives, this phone puts convenient features and capabilities right at their fingertips. The device boasts a large color display, enabling users to access information quickly and intuitively. Additionally, wideband audio ensures crystal-clear voice communication, enhancing the overall call quality.

One of the standout features of the Avaya 9640G is its Gigabit connectivity, allowing for faster data transfer and improved work performance. This means that even within your existing infrastructure, you can experience a significant boost in productivity and efficiency. The phone also comes equipped with a 2-way speakerphone, making conference calls and collaboration effortless.

With 24 programmable buttons, the Avaya 9640G offers a high level of customization, enabling users to set up shortcuts for commonly used functions and applications. This streamlined user interface is designed to enhance productivity, making it the perfect choice for professionals who frequently move from one call to the next, requiring quick and easy access to various features.

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