Avaya 1408 Digital Telephone 4 Pack - Global Version (700510909)

Condition: Certified Refurbished
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The Avaya 1408 Digital Telephone multi-pack comprises four brand-new Avaya 1408 Digital Telephones, designed to cater to users relying on diverse communication channels, including voice and email. Specifically tailored for sales staff and cubicle workers, the Avaya 1408 is a productivity-enhancing phone. Key features include a 3-line by 24-character display, a white backlit screen for optimal visibility in various lighting conditions, and a context-sensitive interface with a four-way navigation cluster.

The phone supports applications such as a large capacity contact and call log, facilitating increased productivity and personalization. It also accommodates both wired and wireless headsets through an integrated headset jack and includes a high-quality speakerphone. The presence of red and green LEDs on each button provides explicit status indications for users. Additionally, it offers eight administrative feature buttons and comes with a 1-Year Atlas Warranty, with extended warranty options available.

In terms of specifications, the Avaya 1408 employs G711 codecs and operates under the DCP call control protocol. It features a 2-wired line interface, a 2-way speakerphone, and eight administrative buttons. The phone incorporates three contextual soft key buttons, a message waiting indicator, and a navigation cluster. Permanently-labeled feature buttons include options for headset, phone, call log, contacts, voicemail, message, speaker, mute, volume, Avaya menu, hold, conference, transfer, drop, and redial.

The 3x14 Chinese characters on the 3 rows by 26 characters graphic display (181x40 pixels) enhance usability. The phone is wall-mountable, equipped with a dual-position flip stand, and comes with a 9-foot handset cord. The color option is black. Compatibility is established with IP Office R6.0 or later, Integral Enterprise E07, IEE2 or later, and Avaya Aura Communication Manager 5.2.1 or later.

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