Polycom Poly ROVE Handset Lithium ION Battery 2200-86910-001

Condition: NEW
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The Polycom Poly ROVE Handset Lithium ION Battery serves as a crucial accessory designed for use with the Poly Rove Wireless Handset, ensuring prolonged and dependable power to facilitate uninterrupted communication.

Engineered with advanced Lithium Ion technology, this battery meets the specific demands of the Poly Rove Wireless Handset. Notably, it boasts a shorter charging time compared to alternative options, offering efficient power replenishment. Furthermore, its rechargeable nature allows for multiple uses, translating to cost savings for users.

This feature ensures that your handsets remain consistently ready for use, enhancing overall convenience. The battery is tailored for compatibility with the Poly Rove Wireless Handset and is crafted with Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) chemistry, exemplifying its advanced design. The product is manufactured in China, emphasizing its global reach and quality standards.

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