Polycom Poly Rove Multi-Charger for Rove 30/40 (2200-86860-001)

Condition: NEW
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Empower your workplace communication with the Poly Rove wireless IP phone solution, designed to cater to on-site employees. Offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability, this solution allows you to move freely and effortlessly scale as your business expands. The phone is equipped with ruggedized IP65 technology, ensuring protection against drops and boasting dust-tight, water-resistant features.

Additionally, the device is fortified with Microban® antimicrobial product protection, contributing to a cleaner environment. Safeguarding critical conversations is made possible through DECT™ technology, providing the security your communications demand. The Poly Rove is not only built to last but also to scale, ensuring you never miss a call. Benefit from the armor of DECT™ security, an extended battery life, hands-free communication with Poly headsets, and easily maintain cleanliness with the handsets' user-friendly design.

Experience a multitude of benefits, such as ensuring the safety and productivity of your on-site employees through ruggedized protection and high-quality handsets integrated with Microban® antimicrobial protection. As your organization grows, seamlessly scale by choosing from various quantities of handsets tailored to your needs and shift sizes.

The Poly Rove is meticulously crafted for demanding users, prioritizing usability, functionality, and design. Enjoy features like HD voice for natural conversations, programmable line keys, and convenient call park options. Elevate your workplace communication with the Poly Rove, a reliable and versatile solution that adapts to your evolving business requirements.

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