Polycom Poly Rove B2 Single-Dual Cell DECT Base Station 2200-86820-001

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The Poly Rove B2 DECT Base Station serves as the wireless hub for connecting Rove 30 or Rove 40 handsets to your phone system or service. This versatile base station accommodates up to 20 handsets, with capacity varying based on the single or dual cell configuration. Additionally, the Rove B2 supports 10 to 20 simultaneous calls, depending on the chosen cell configuration.

The indoor coverage of the Rove B2 extends up to approximately 165 feet, while its outdoor range can reach an impressive 980 feet, although these distances may be affected by obstacles. The Polycom 2200-86820-001 boasts several key features, including support for 20 handsets, Power over Ethernet (PoE), DHCP client functionality, and a web GUI for convenient configuration.

Depending on the cell configuration, the base station can handle 10 simultaneous calls for a single cell and up to 20 simultaneous calls for a dual cell setup. The frequency range for North America is 1920-1930 MHz. The Poly Rove B2 DECT Base Station is specifically designed for compatibility with Poly Rove 30 and Poly Rove 40 handsets.

Included in the package are the Poly Rove B2 DECT Base Station (2200-86820-001), a power supply with cable, and an Ethernet cable for seamless installation and operation. This comprehensive set of features and compatibility make the Poly Rove B2 an essential component for establishing a reliable and efficient wireless communication system within your setup.

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