Polycom Poly Edge B30 IP Phone - 2200-49825-025

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Poly's Edge Series phones present users with a combination of style, affordability, and reliability, making them an optimal choice for businesses seeking efficient telephony solutions. Equipped with features such as illuminated buttons, HD Voice, and Acoustic Fence technology for noise cancellation, the Edge Series ensures excellent audio quality for professional communication environments.

This series is particularly well-suited for businesses requiring fundamental features and superior audio performance in their telephony endpoints. Catering to service providers, the Poly Edge Series incorporates Poly Voice Software Lite (PVOS-Lite), offering a robust feature set along with plug-and-play provisioning and cloud management capabilities.

The Poly Edge B30, a notable member of this series, boasts 4 line keys and GigE Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. Its features include Poly HD Voice, a Lightbar status indicator, and illuminated mute, headset, and speaker buttons. Additionally, it supports a range of deployment options, featuring a two-position desk stand and wall mount hardware. The phone is compatible with Cisco BroadWorks, ensuring seamless integration with existing communication systems.

Notable benefits of the Poly Edge B30 include the ability to effortlessly add colleagues to calls through 5-way local audio conferencing, support for multiple languages to accommodate diverse workforces, and enhanced productivity with hands-free speakerphone functionality, complete with proven acoustic echo cancellation and background noise suppression technology. The inclusion of both RJ9 and 3.5 mm headset ports provides users with flexibility in choosing compatible headsets. Installing the Poly Edge B30 is made simple with its 2-position desk stand and included wall mount hardware, facilitating easy integration into various workspaces.

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