Polycom Poly CCX 600 OpenSIP - VoIP phone 2200-49780-025

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Introducing the Poly CCX 600 Business Media Phone, a performance-driven communication solution equipped with a spacious 7" color touchscreen that caters to the needs of managers, executives, and anyone requiring an expansive display for enhanced productivity. The device offers a choice between a headset or handset, delivering unparalleled audio quality through award-winning Poly audio technology, featuring Poly HD Voice and Poly Acoustic Clarity. Background distractions are effectively eliminated by the Poly Acoustic Fence, ensuring focused and meaningful conversations even in bustling open office environments.

The phone's intuitive interface provides one-touch access to contacts and meetings, facilitating seamless operation. Powered by advanced chipsets, the Poly CCX 600 supports next-generation features such as NoiseBlock AI, contributing to an exceptional user experience. With integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and two USB ports (1 x type A, 1 x type C), the device offers versatile connectivity options, accommodating various peripherals, including headsets.

Installation is hassle-free, and robust provisioning and management capabilities streamline telephony deployment and support. The Poly CCX 600 is available in models supporting either Open SIP or native Microsoft Teams, offering flexibility to meet diverse communication needs. Additionally, users can opt for a handset or choose a configuration without one. The device supports video calls with the optional EagleEye Mini USB camera in Open SIP CCX 600 models, further enhancing its versatility. In essence, the Poly CCX 600 is a powerhouse that defines the starting point for enhanced productivity and effective communication.

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